Eddy Lansink Ozone EDGE V9

Eddy Lansink Ozone EDGE V9

When a big storm hits the coast of Scheveningen Eddy Lansink gets excited. This is the kind of conditions he loves and the 7m Ozone EDGE is his weapon of choice. On the 6th of June at storm did hit and it was time for Eddy to test out his new EDGE V9 7m and see what he could get out of it. Turns out that was over 20m!


  1. Jordi

    As you state in your edge’s grafic of wind range the 7m reaches just above the 30 knots. Assuming that this video has been shooted in extreme conditions you can see almost 50 knots in the wind gauge. I’m asking because I was thinking about buying a 7m edge, but doubting because of the range reflected on the grafic.

    • Tom Beaton

      Hi Jordi – the video is shot in very extreme conditions featuring a very experienced rider. The wind range in the graphic is the recommended wind range for an 80kg rider. What is causing doubt? Im happy to answer more specific questions. We do not recommend any kite in more than 35 knots.

  2. Jordi

    Thanks for the quick answer Tom! I’m doubting between buying an enduro 7 or an edge 7 because of the differences of the wind range in the high limit

    • Tom Beaton

      You are welcome! In terms of Enduro 7 vs Edge 7, the EDGE will deliver more power per size as it is a flatter shape. This is why the wind range is different. Kite sizes are done by the flat size of the kite, not the projected area.

      There are other considerations though – for example the EDGE also sits further forward in the window, which could help hold down the power.

      The wind ranges are guides – there is no scientific formula to calculate them.

  3. Jordi

    Thanks a lot Tom!

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