Ozone Chickenloop Inspection Notice

Chickenloop Inspection Notice

This INSPECTION NOTICE affects OZONE CONTROL SYSTEMS, specifically the Stainless Steel part at the end of the PU Harness Loop as shown in the image above. We have been notified by our supplier that a small number of parts have been produced using the wrong material. We have already found nine affected parts via our distribution network.

ACTION REQUIRED: Please inspect your control system, checking the Stainless Steel end part for corrosion. We do not mean superficial discolouring which is normal. You can see in the pictures that an affected part would have deep corrosion, which weakens the part and should not be used until replaced.

Please contact us immediately if you believe your chickenloop is affected.

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  1. Eric Vanek

    Props for being transparent! its tough to manufacture this complex gear & we appreciate the effort it takes!

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