Ozone EDGE V12 Review by IKSURFMAG

Issue 103 has dropped and this time the test team have been testing the Ozone EDGE V12. This is the latest version of the longest running kite in the line up. High performance freeride has varied over the years but these days the kite is all about jumping high, big powerful loops, shooting upwind and loads of hangtime.

As I said before, the Edge V12 is as much about feeling as it is about function. I am a firm believer that the best kite for any rider is the one that they’ll enjoy using the most and that has the potential for them to also perform at their best. The Edge V12 is one of those kites for the biggest category of riders: twin tippers that like to jump and loop big. Not only will it send you up to new heights, but you’ll enjoy how it does it and simply enjoy flying the kite.

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