About Ozone Kites

Ozone is a rider and pilot driven company solely dedicated to creating the best kiting and paragliding equipment on and above the planet. We offer the customer the ultimate in product, service, and support.

Inspired by Nature, Driven by the Elements

Matt Taggart - Ozone Founder

Matt Taggart – Ozone Founder

Since the birth of Ozone we have always realized the importance of continually striving to improve the performance and durability of our products. Our products are not just things we sell to make a living they are a part of us. From design to production we do our utmost best to ensure that we have done everything within our power to produce cutting edge products that are a pleasure to ride and own.

Our OZCAD design program has been specifically designed for us, we have the possibility to modify the program to be able to accommodate new ideas and different ways of doing things. It is very important to be flexible on this front so as not to stifle design and imagination. There are many parameters that we can modify separately and accurately, from the profile thickness and shape to minute variations in sail tension, everything is possible.

Hours of testing are put into each product and it is during this testing we get to see exactly how our ideas really perform. With every prototype there is something to be learnt, sometimes good and sometimes bad but every bit of information is useful to build a better product. We have riders round the globe sending feedback to us letting us know how the kites perform given their conditions. No matter where or what kite I put up and ride I am immediately assessing it’s characteristics and the possibilities of improvement no matter how small. I push myself as a rider so that I can interpret what our test riders feel. I ride overpowered, underpowered, in rough nasty conditions and light wind so as to cover as much of the kites potential as possible. I do this so I can form my own opinion of the kite and then we discuss and contemplate with our riders to create the best result possible.

Development is the most exciting part of the sport for me personally. I enjoy riding very much on water, snow and land but that is just part of my enjoyment. Developing a kite from an idea in my head to actually having it my hands and riding it in real conditions is what truly makes me happy. It’s also very satisfying to see people having a blast on something that you have designed. Design, Development and testing never stop. We often get asked if there is something new coming, you bet there is, we have restless minds and as one job is finished the idea is already born of how to make it better.

The Ozone Factory

Early on Ozone realised the only way to have true control over production and therefore quality was to set up their own production facility. A massive gamble in the early days has now paid off big time giving them the ultimate in lean production and an incredible reputation for quality workmanship. Other benefits are the ease with which custom colours and printing can be set up. Learn more and see photos of Parapex – The Ozone Factory.

About Maxtrack

Maxtrack are the official UK distributor for Ozone Kites and Ozone Kitesurf. With over 15 years experience distributing action sports products and over 10 years of kitesurfing we feel we are perfectly positioned to offer the best service and advice to Ozone customers in the UK.