IKSURFMAG Ozone Code V4 Review

Ozone Code V4 Kiteboard Review by IKSURFMAG

As well as the EDGE V12 the test team have been putting the Code V4 through its paces. This is the latest version of our original twintip. The shape still has the pulled in tips but the performance has been refined with a stiffer flex in the middle of the board. This board has become the perfect tool to deal with challenging conditions thanks to its reassuring feel and forgiving nature whilst still having plenty of performance when needed.

You can tell that the design of the Code has been influenced by the big air hype that continues to dominate our sport, but because Ozone has incorporated this into a twin-tip that remains comfortable to ride, this influence does nothing but benefit all riders whether they are mega looping or not. Who doesn’t want a board that cuts through chop comfortably to get you upwind with speed, delivers controlled take offs and handles high impact, high speed landings with grace? Well, that’s what the new Code does.

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