Ozone Base V3

Ozone Base V3


Entry Level to intermediate Freeride

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Your path to freeride progression. The Base V3 delivers a blend of performance and enjoyment that will help you increase your confidence and riding level quickly and smoothly.

Your path to freeride progression

The accessible feel will keep you inspired to hit the water session after session. The Base V3 is the board of choice for entry level to intermediate freeriders who want to have as much fun as possible.

  • Intuitive, comfortable and very progressive ride feel
  • Easy upwind performance
  • Excellent handling in chop
  • Superb control and spray management
  • Designed to deliver fast improvements for entry-level to intermediate riders


Our main goal was to further enhance the accessibility of the Base V2 while incorporating more comfort into the V3 model, without compromising on progressive performance.

Adapting to riders’ evolving skills, the Base V3 excels across various progression stages. The transition from a single concave to a new double concave bottom shape has improved the handling ease, particularly in adapting to choppy conditions.

The Base V3 is now able to ride higher on the water with less rider effort required to maintain control in chop or less than ideal water states.


Working in conjunction with the double concave, we’ve fine-tuned the outline taper in the tips to minimise spray in choppy waters. The result is a smoother ride with a consistent feel.

An easy and yet inspiring feel remains guaranteed. The moderate-to-low rocker line allows for swift planing and easy upwind riding. The Base V3’s forgiving medium-soft flex pattern ensures a comfortable ride, even in challenging conditions.


The Base V3 model focuses on intuition and progression, offering a reliable and enjoyable ride for any kiter who aims to improve their skills.

Choose the Base V3 and you will quickly build the confidence to explore various wind and water conditions, smoothly progressing beyond initial carving turns to nailing more challenging transitions and jumps.


  • Factory Ownership Advantage – Ozone uniquely owns its own factory where all kites, wings, boards, hydrofoils, paragliders, speed wings and accessories are made. Guaranteeing hand checked quality control and the finest materials at every step, there are also excellent working conditions for all 1000 employees.
  • A-Grade Paulownia Core – The premium A-grade Paulownia core provides ultimate flex characteristics, amazing strength, and reduced weight.
  • A-grade 316 Stainless Steel inserts– Highest quality 316 Stainless Steel inserts embedded into ABS blocks. This insert construction offers superior strength for powered riding and using boots.
  • Bio-based Epoxy Resin – Latest innovations in bio-based chemistry have allowed us to use a new epoxy resin which has 35% of its molecular structure derived from plant origin.
  • Polymer Resin Rail – Flexible Polymer Resin rail with high impact and wear resistance.
  • Pads and Straps V2 – Having comfortable footpads and straps can be the difference between a good session and a bad one. Our V2 design provides the ultimate balance between performance and comfort to keep the good sessions rolling!

    Our foot straps are ergonomically designed featuring Ultralon Performance Foam® and plush neoprene for the ultimate in comfort and control while providing a precise fit. Ultralon foam has an exceptional resistance to packing out, it doesn’t compress over time and has an outstanding formability enabling anatomical adaptation. Combined with the quick and easy velcro size adjustment, the strap provides a snug fit to all foot shapes and sizes or wetsuit booties.

    We have designed our footpads to provide superior comfort, adaptability and strength. The multi-density foam pads combine a shock absorption base layer and a higher density top layer with precise contouring and texture for increased traction to keep your feet comfortably locked in. The baseplate is built strong with nine strap positions and five stance angle options allowing for uncompromised adaptability.

    Not included with board, but can be purchased separately.

  • Fins V2 – Two fin designs offer the choice for solid edge hold or increased freedom. Choose the 45mm size for maximum grip while edging and taking off to boost. The 35mm size is perfect for freestyle riders using boots and for those looking for increased freedom while carving. Our V2 fins are precisely injection molded using advanced glass-filled nylon materials for high strength and wear resistance.
  • Board Handle V2 – Strong and durable with a textured underside grip for maximum control during water starts to board offs.

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Riding Style

Beginner, Freeride

Board Size

137 X 41, 128 X 38 CM, 130 X 39 CM, 133 X 40 CM, 142 X 42 CM, 148 X 44 CM

Board Colour

Sage Green, Blue, Red