Ozone Edge V12

Ozone Edge V12


A high performance freeride kite

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The Edge V12 stays true to its original remit of delivering adrenaline-fuelled sessions for riders that crave real power, speed and insane lift; the electrifying reasons that so many get bitten by the kiteboarding bug in the first place!



Experience a world of power at your fingertips. Since inception in 2007 the Edge has been purpose built to provide the ultimate freeride experience, capable of heartstopping riding speeds and gravity defying big air performance.

After 16 years of refinement the V12 also offers a handling quality that will supercharge the sessions of any intermediate twin-tip rider, not just the super high flying renegades!

  • High adrenaline free ride machine with crazy upwind performance
  • Massive boost and hang time
  • Transverse shaping and ultra taut canopy
  • Powerful sheeting with excellent control for super fast riding
  • Refined handling, pre-loaded tips and ultra smooth flying


The V12 represents the continued development of a genuine kiteboarding iconTwo years after the launch of the V11, the refinements in the V12 will only increase the enjoyment of anyone who already loves the Edge’s unique performance possibilities.

If you’re yet to experience the Edge’s powerful personality, there’s never been a better time to jump into the cockpit. The V12’s aerodynamic developments offer even more control and responsive feel for the pilot than ever before.


The Edge has always provided mind-altering experiences in strong winds, but the advantages of transverse shaping and the V12’s clean and taut canopy profile also deliver sublime experiences for those looking to enjoy powder-like freeriding in lighter conditions, too.


The V12 retains a similar DNA to the V11 with the increased canopy tautness that we have since implemented in the Enduro V4, Reo V7 and Reo V7 Ultra-X thanks to the introduction of transverse sail shaping in the canopy cloth that runs parallel with the leading edge.

Less visually obvious, but noticeable in improved bar feel, a pre-loaded leading edge adds additional tension into the canopy which forms a tighter shape, bringing more rigidity and less sail flutter.


Applying the experience of our paragliding design colleagues, the Edge V12 features an extra seam in the sail running close to the leading edge, which allows for more true 3D shaping.

Our primary focus is always centred around aerodynamic performance and the biggest aerodynamic gains come from being able to maintain the cleanest aerofoil and tightest canopy at all times. Searching for as tight a canopy as possible is a continuous journey.

Not only have we managed to add more profile curvature through transverse shaping, but we’ve also added more strength in the high lift zone thanks to the extra seams.


While the overall ride is a smoother sensation, the bar feeling and feedback is now more precise too thanks to canopy flutter having been reduced. The Edge V12 maintains a cleaner sail and increased airfoil performance in all situations, which is especially noticeable when steered hard and fast.

The Edge V12 drives further upwind while also retaining more feeling and bar feedback when the kite is at the edge of the window as the canopy luffs later (delaying the point at which the canopy starts to flutter and lose power; increasing range).


First launched in 2007, the Edge blasted its way to helping riders claim back-to-back racing world championship titles for five years in a row.

Ram air foil kites started to take over the elite racing scene after that, when kites like the Ozone R1 became the racing machine of choice. The Edge’s fast riding speeds and tremendous power management continued to enthral, however…

Over the coming years the Edge continued to prove itself one of the most versatile kites when it came to the application of power, weaponizing big air freeriders, speed kiting record hunters as well as future racing stars when it became the official kite for the IKA Under-21 A-class race category, which it still is today.


The smooth combination of speed and power will amplify the enjoyment of any freerider looking for the ultimate sensation of escape.

In the hands of riders like Jamie Overbeek, however, the Edge is also a verified 36 metre boosting behemoth capable of reaching for the stars.


As ever, the ‘Born Light: Genetically Strong’ ethos is applied through every stage of manufacturing. Thanks to the advantage we have in owning our own factory in Vietnam, where 1000 skilled workers apply their careful skill and attention, Ozone products are guaranteed to provide incredible aerodynamic performance with built-in strength.

All you’ll ever find on our kites is exactly what’s needed to meet a rider’s performance demands; nothing more, nothing less.


  • Fast but smooth ride with huge amounts of power on tap
  • Improved bar feeling and more direct feedback
  • Crazy upwind angles
  • Exciting lift that’s easy to access
  • More aggressive handling leads to mind blowing lift performance
  • Sublime float and hangtime
  • Rock solid canopy in even the strongest conditions
  • Excellent feeling of control at both ends of the wind range
  • Mix of sheet-and-go performance and quick, precise steering
  • More drive through the window and more control at the edge of the window


  • New refined design and sail control
  • Transverse sail shaping results in a cleaner aerofoil for increased performance
  • Improved and cleaned up aerofoil section delivers more drive through the window
  • Pre-loaded wing tips add aerodynamic performance
  • Reduced drag
  • Improved low end
  • High performance Technora bridle lines offer a vast reduction in parasitic drag
  • Three back-line tab settings to tweak bar pressure and turning speed
  • Lightweight EVA anti flap battens improve overall aerodynamic flow and trailing edge finish
  • High aspect planform with intricate sail shaping for fast handling and direct response
  • Highly supportive five strut design delivers incredible stability in the most extreme conditions



  • Factory Ownership Advantage – Ozone uniquely owns its own factory where all kites, wings, boards, hydrofoils, paragliders, speed wings and accessories are made. Guaranteeing hand checked quality control and the finest materials at every step, there are also excellent working conditions for all 1000 employees. 
  • Designed with OZCAD – The future is now. All Ozone kite and wings are designed with our own highly advanced custom built CAD software that we control and modify with each new product design. Allowing for specifically tailored technical developments, our designers can maximise performance while also minimising waste. 
  • Teijin TechnoForce Triple Ripstop canopy & Teijin Triple Ripstop Dacron Teijin is the world’s leading supplier of technical performance materials for marine sports, setting the benchmark in quality with proven superiority in dynamic strength and durability.
    The new triple rip-stop canopy material has an advanced coating to increase strength, rigidity and durability while improving feedback to the rider for a more direct feeling.
    The technical triple rip-stop dacron is incredibly strong and reliable. It’s used in areas requiring rigidity and stability, the leading edge, struts, wingtips and reinforcement areas.
  • 4-line Pulleyless System – NO pulleys, NO problems. We design all our inflatable kites without pulleys, to inherit the unique Ozone feeling and performance across our range.
  • Transverse Sail Shaping – The Leading Edge features Transverse Sail Shaping creating a cleaner surface on the most important area of the aerofoil. The result is less turbulent airflow and longer skin adhesion, which positively effects the lift to drag ratio increasing overall performance.
  • Overlap Flat Seams – Overlap flat seam construction improves sail control resulting in an overall cleaner canopy.
  • Internal Reinforcements – What’s on the inside counts too – All Ozone kites are internally reinforced for improved strength and durability; such as a Double layered Dacron + Insignia taped Leading Edge closing seam with high strength threads.
  • Load Distribution Panels – Dacron reinforcements are used on all loaded areas for enhanced load distribution. This means all loads are spread evenly into the sail ensuring the kite flies and performs at its best.
  • Direct Connect Struts – Our Direct Connect construction method improves load distribution between the Leading Edge, Struts and Canopy. The Struts are connected directly to the Leading Edge with internal reinforcements and external webbing. This unique construction method ensures clean profiles are maintained with the optimum canopy tension
  • Reinforced Leading Edge and Struts – The Leading Edge and Struts are reinforced in high stress areas to ensure the kite canopy remains in shape and performs at its best.
  • Reinforced Trailing Edge – Double layer Trailing Edge strip with an internal light weight Dyneema reinforcement – this reduces canopy wear and helps to maintain optimum Trailing Edge tension as designed. The Dyneema line also reduces any potential stretch at the Trailing Edge.
  • Low Profile Aerodynamic Scuff Pads – Leading Edge bumpers are often large and unnecessary cosmetic items. At Ozone we build our kites for performance and durability using the best materials & components available. Any areas requiring scuff protection we use a lightweight durable material with superior abrasion resistance, while keeping a low profile in order to reduce drag and maintain performance.
  • Unique Bladder Construction – Our bladders are constructed in-house with advanced custom built welding machines. Double layered sections are applied to any potential wear areas.
  • Anti-Snag Line Deflectors – The Anti-Snag line deflectors prevent bridles and lines from tangling around the wing tip. Safety is increased when launching with a partner and water re-launch is made easier.
  • Tuned Bridle Geometry – We work extensively during our R&D process to develop the size range to feel in tune with each other. Every kite has a unique bridle layout, individually tested and fine-tuned to maximize the feeling and performance.
  • Fast Flow One Pump Inflation System – The Fast Flow One-Pump Inflation System makes set up and packing quick and easy. It features single point inflation/deflation and a high air flow rate between the Struts and Leading Edge, with clips to seal the hoses to prevent unwanted air flow in case of damage.
  • Fast Flow One-Pump Inflation System – The Fast Flow One-Pump Inflation System makes set up and packing quick and easy. It features single point inflation/deflation and a high air flow rate between the Struts and Leading Edge, with clips to seal the hoses to prevent unwanted air flow in case of damage.
  • Anti-Flap Soft Battens – Soft Battens strategically positioned along the Trailing Edge provide canopy support and reduce flutter, enhancing kite feedback to the rider and also reducing canopy material wear.
  • Back line Trimming Options – Customise your handling and bar pressure with the back line bridle attachments. Closer to the Leading Edge for slower turn speed and more bar pressure, or closer to the Trailing Edge for faster turn speed and less bar pressure.
  • Fool Proof Line Connectors – Fool proof, colour coded and numbered line connectors prevent incorrect rigging of the flying lines to the kite.
  • High Performance Bridle Lines – High performance Technora bridle lines offer a vast reduction in parasitic drag and reduced weight.

Bar Size

We recommend the Contact Water Control Bar or the Contact Race Control Bar. If you want the Race Bar please order Kite Only and a Race Bar separately.

Bar Size 38cm 45cm 50cm 55cm
Kite Size 5 6, 7 8, 9, 10, 11 13, 15, 17, 19


Wind Range

Based on 80kg average rider

Size Knots
5 20-35
6 19-34
7 18-30
8 17-29
9 16-27
10 13-25
11 12-24
13 10-20
15 7-18
17 6-15
19 5-14



Kite Size 5m 6m 7m 8m 9m 10m 11m 13m 15m 17m 19m
WEIGHT (KG) 2 2.3 2.5 2.7 3 3.2 3.3 3.7 4 4.4 4.6
BAR SIZE (CM) 38 45 45 50 50 50 50 55 55 55 55
LINES (M) 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25
PROJECTED AREA (M2) 3.7 4.4 5.1 5.9 6.6 7.3 8.1 9.7 11.2 12.5 13.9
PROJECTED AR 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
FLAT AR 5.4 5.4 5.4 5.4 5.4 5.4 5.4 5.4 5.4 5.4 5.4
ROOT CHORD (MM) 1230 1350 1460 1560 1650 1740 1830 1990 2140 2270 2390
SPAN (MM) 5160 5650 6100 6550 6930 7280 7660 8370 8990 9540 10040


Additional information

Kite Size

10m, 11m, 13m, 15m, 17m, 19m, 5m, 6m, 7m, 8m, 9m

Riding Style

Big Air, Foil, Freeride, Light Wind, Race

Kite Colour

Emerald, Orange, Yellow, Ruby Red