Never Lose your Inner Child - Ozone Kites

Never Lose your Inner Child

Kitesurfing helps us maintain an element of childishness. Life is too short, too tough, to always take everything seriously. Certain qualities that you had as a kid can make adult life more fun.

Get out there and enjoy life!

We have made a whole range of products to help make kitesurfing accessible for kids. The Uno V2 is the perfect kite to get them started in the water. If they are not kiting at all – then you need to start on the beach with the Ignition V2 trainer.

We have made the Compact V4 Control Bar which features a smaller chickenloop and shorter depower throw. Our Connect Water harness comes in sizes all the way down to XXS. Our kiteboards – the Code V1 and Torque V1 are also now available in smaller sizes.

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