Alex Wallis – British Junior Champion

Alex started kiting a few years ago when Ozone rider Sukie Robertson started her school down in Westward Ho!, North Devon. Alex took to kiting straight away, as did his whole family. Thanks to coaching and support from Sukie, and hours on the water, Alex has progressed no end and this year managed to podium every stop of the tour and finish at British Junior Champion! Well done Alex!

Here is Alex’ season recap.

At the start of the competition (British Kitesurfing Championships) season, I was in the Junior Boys category. I have been in the British Kitesurfing Championships for 3 years now.

The first round was at Skegness (19th and 20th May), On Saturday there was not much wind but we had a lot of fun messing around with friends, but on Sunday there was a little sea breeze we were optimistic about the wind. I was using my 17m Ozone Zephyr which was awesome in the light winds. I found the conditions hard as I like to ride powered, but managed to throw quite a few of my hooked in tricks.

At the prize giving I was so stoked to be announced as coming in 2nd place! This was my first ever podium and I was really happy.

The second round was at Hayling Island at the Kitesurfing Armada 23rd and 24th June. On Friday it was good fun to hang out with friends and help Ozone setting up their stand. On the Saturday there was a little bit of wind but just wasn’t enough to start a competition, but on Sunday there was a good sea breeze I had great fun competing. This year I was super lucky to be sponsored a new Ozone Torque from 514Elemental which was given to me at the Armada event. What a sweet board!

I was on my 17m Ozone Zephyr which was awesome because I had a nice bit of power and good to do my hooked-in tricks and un-hooked tricks (double s-bend, frontroll kiteloop, backloop kiteloop and blind). I was stoked to be announced that I came 1st place! Which put me in the lead.

The third round was at Westward Ho! (14th and 15th July), on Saturday we didn’t have much of a drive as this was my local beach. There was no wind in the morning, then it started to pick up but sadly there wasn’t enough wind to run the competition which meant we had a nice chill day down the beach playing on SUP’s and Surfboards. On Sunday, in the morning the wind was off-shore but it switched to on-shore very quickly then we were waiting on the wind but we had a sea breeze which turned into enough wind to run the competition.

I was using my 17m Ozone Zephyr which I had enough power to do some new tricks and hooked-in tricks and un-hooked tricks (double s-bend, frontroll kiteloop, backloop kiteloop and blind). It was a tough competition but not because of the wind it was because of my close rivals Adam Farrington and Ryan Daffin who were ripping. I was super stoked to take another 1st place, even better that it was at my homespot.

The fourth round was a Ramsgate (18th and 19th august), On Friday we all hung out check out the beach because we had never been there before. Saturday they ran the competition it was great fun but it was tough but it was because of all the new tricks (double s-bend, frontroll kiteloop, backloop kiteloop and blind) everyone has learnt. On Sunday we had to wait all day for the prize giving but it was great fun helping one of my coaches Robin Snuggs when he was competing. I was riding my 17m Ozone Zephyr it picked up quite a bit so I went on my 12m Ozone Enduro V2. I was so stoked to be announced 1st place at the last round of the British Kitesurfing Championships

Finishing the year with my first ever podium, a 2nd, and 3 firsts meant that I was announced British Champion!! I can’t wait for next year when I’ll be stepping up a category.

I had a brilliant time competing this year. Made new friends, rode with friends, progressed, kited new locations and enjoyed every minute of it.

Many thanks to my sponsors Ozone Kites and 514Elemental, to my coaches Robin and Sukie and to my Dad, Mum and sisters for making it all possible.

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