The Alpha is our performance single strut inflatable kite. It is simple, incredibly lightweight and very effective – a winner for any quiver. The second version offers amazing free ride and hydro-foiling performance for intermediate to advanced riders while the lightweight single strut design is perfect for travellers looking to save on excess weight and packing volume.

The Alpha V2 features our new Continuous Curve Leading Edge construction, each segment is now curved to form a perfect smooth arc from tip to tip as opposed to straight segments with angled joints. Transverse Sail Shaping has been incorporated to perfectly match the new Continuous Curve Leading Edge. These latest design features reduce parasitic drag and create a cleaner surface at the most important area of the airfoil. The result is less turbulent airflow, which positively affects the lift to drag ratio increasing overall performance.

As Ozone says, the Alpha V2 is truly a winner for any quiver. The new design adds lightweight materials, and the new leading edge construction really makes this kite stand out as one of the best single strut kites in the industry! The kite is a light wind and foiling machine, but also offers adequate wave and freeride possibilities! The Alpha V2 is best paired with the Contact Water V4 bar from Ozone to unlock its full potential.


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