The CODE was the first twintip and instantly became a firm favourite. After a couple years and the addition of more boards to the range, it is time to pass on some of what we have learnt and refine the CODE. The test team at IKSURF have been riding the 138×41 and published their review.

The Code V2 is fast, fun and a fantastic option for those riders who need only the best for their personal riding development. The build quality is second to none with top-end components, and added care has been taken to package the board and fins in cardboard only (meaning it can all be recycled). The Code V2 can hold down masses of power for all styles of riding, and landings are smooth and stable with a fast forward rebound. For a rider who likes to do a bit of everything when they are kitesurfing, the Code V2 is one of those rare boards which will truly live up to this requirement.

Read the full IKSURFMAG review of the CODE V2

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