Ozone Snowkite range

Ozone Snowkite Range for this Winter!

Snowkiting is a key part of the Ozone lifestyle. It is where we started as a kite brand, and for many of us, something we look forward to each winter. Snowkiting is probably the most underrated kite discipline. Whilst it can be technical and dangerous out in the backcountry, it can also be one of the easiest and most accessible forms of kiting. Ozone continue to develop and produce dedicated snowkite products as well as crossover products which are equally at home on the water or snow.

Snow Kites

Whilst any kite works just fine for basic snowkiting, our dedicated snowkites offer an extra level of convenience and safety. They are designed with nothing but snowkiting in mind as incorporate features to help them excel in the mountains! We also offer some crossover models and more performance oriented kites.

Ozone Subzero – Dedicated Snowkite Performance

The Subzero is new this year, replacing the Frenzy and the Summit into one high performance snowkite. This is our flagship model in the snowkite range. It has the performance required to climb hills and with snappy handling but smooth power delivery. The Internal Re-Ride system is our 5th line safety which works by bunching the kite up like a drawstring bag. This allows you to safely bring your kite down and have a break, or pack down. It is also easy to redeploy the kite afterwards. The Blizzard is also available in Ultralight fabric, making it fly faster through the air as well as improving light wind performance and reducing pack size.

Find out more about the Ozone Subzero V1

Ozone Access – Safe / Easy / Reliable

The Access is the one if you are newer to snowkiting and safety and stability are your main priorities over performance. When its windy – even the pros love the Access for its smooth, stable and predictable performance. This kite has been a staple of the snowkite range for many years now. It offers very little lift which makes it perfect for learning and those who want to stay on the snow.

Find out more about the Ozone Access

Ozone Hyperlink – All-round Performance Freeride

New in the range for 2017, the Hyperlink is a crossover kite which is designed to be used on water, land or snow. Primarily used as a 4 line closed cell kite for the water, it has the ability to open up the vents and add a 5th line safety. This makes it a great kite for those who fly predominantly on water, but also want a foil kite with the ground handling and safety benefits of an open cell foil kite. Performance wise, the Hyperlink would sit between the Blizzard and Access. The Hyperlink is also available in Ultralight which offers reduced packing size and performance improvements.

Find out more about the Ozone Hyperlink

Ozone Chrono – High Performance Freeride

The Chrono is not a dedicated snowkite, but it is very popular with those looking for more performance in light winds especially. Its relatively high aspect design gives it performance in light winds and loads of lift. If you own a Chrono already – you should definitely take it out to the snow! This closed cell design does not have the safety features or the turning speed of the Blizzard making it less suitable for more technical aspects of snowkiting.

Find out more about the Ozone Chrono

Ozone R1 – Pure Performance

When it comes to any kind of racing, no matter the surface, the R1 is the kite to go for. The elite snowkite racers use the R1. If you want to go fast, this is the kite for you. Much like the Chrono, it lacks the safety features of the dedicated snowkites, but there is no rival to the R1 when it comes to speed.

Learn more about the Ozone R1

Snowkite Harnesses

In terms of harnesses, anything works, but there are differences to snowkiting such as the slopes and the gear you are wearing. There is also a very different body position if using skis. Ozone have put years of experience into designing harnesses specifically for snowkiting.

Ozone Connect Backcountry Snowkite Harness

This comfortable waist harness with leg straps is ideal for experienced backcountry snowkiters venturing deep into mountains, or riders looking for a lightweight comfortable fit alternative to the classic spreader bar system. The Connect Backcountry has been designed like a rock climbing harness so that it will not ride up.

Find out more about the Ozone Connect Backcountry harness

Ozone Connect Pro Snowkite Harness

Designed for comfort, support and flexibility in use, this harness is perfect to wear over or under your snow gear. Featuring high quality Aluminium adjustment buckles on the spreader bar and leg straps. The Connect Pro has been designed like a rock climbing harness so that it will not ride up but still offers the familiar spreader bar hook.

Find out more about the Ozone Connect Pro harness


Ozone Snowkite Kompressor Bag

These compression bags are a great way of keeping your foil kites packed down small and away from the rest of your gear whether you have them inside your backpack or strapped on the outside. They are the easiest way to pack down a foil kite whilst on snow.

Find out more about the Ozone Snowkite Kompressor Bag

We hope you get away snowkiting this winter! If you need any advice on snowkite gear or have any questions then be sure to contact us.

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