Ozone ULTRALIGHT explained!

ULTRALIGHT is the name we use for kites made out of our lightweight fabric. This is the same fabric used on our ultimate high performance race kite the R1 V2. It is approximately 25{e70e112c655e3a0d3143c3e1d4fb9fcb502fe7741cde5e0a3c456cf8b769894e} lighter than the standard Oztex 40d we use on the Chrono and Snowkites. The standard fabric is the one to go for in terms of overall performance and durability. On the snowkites the blow out valves are also removed to help reduce weight.

What are the benefits of ULTRALIGHT?

  • 25{e70e112c655e3a0d3143c3e1d4fb9fcb502fe7741cde5e0a3c456cf8b769894e} lighter – reduced weight improves the responsiveness of the kite, its stability and light wind ability.
  • Reduced pack volume – ULTRALIGHT snowkites pack to around half the size of the standard kites.
  • Ultimate light wind performance – a lighter kite flies in less wind!

Who is it aimed at?

The ULTRALIGHT concept was developed for situations where pack size is important such as touring in the backcountry where you want to carry a couple of kites as well as standard backcountry gear. This is also a huge advantage for expeditions where every gram has to be considered carefully. The larger sized kites offer a far superior lightwind ability to their standard fabric counterparts – so if you are riding in light wind areas this is a factor to consider.

Which models are available in ULTRALIGHT?

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