How To Wing Foil

How To: Wing Foil

With the release of the WASP V1, our first wing, we have created a video series to help you get started with wing foiling. It is split into three sections, Setup, Handling and Riding.

Set Up

If you are used to kiting, then the set up and pack down will be very familiar.


Next up handling – this will have some similarities to windsurfing, but the key differences with it being a wing instead of a sail is learning how to keep it balanced above your head. The further back you hold, the more power the wing will create.


Once you have got to grips with handling the wing on dry land, it is time to get in the water. We cover how to use the wing with both a SUP and a Foil. We cover how to position the wing to help you get on the board and going upwind and downwind.

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