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Ozone is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Kites and Paragliders, created around a dedicated team of passionate riders and pilots that share the same outstanding passion for nature, exciting sports and progress.

Keeping true to our philosophy of creating products that we love to use, we extend that same passion into every aspect of the brand, working hard to innovate not only the products we create but also in our business practice and manufacturing process.

We are proud of what we do and of who we are. Our core mission is to progress our sport through technological innovation, intensive R&D and sustainable business models.

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Ruben Lenten and the AMP V1

Everyone knows who Ruben Lenten is and what his style of riding is all about. The AMP V1 allows him to do his thing and from his videos you can see just how quickly he got comfortable on his new gear. As well as the AMP Ruben is riding the Torque V1 twintip. We are...

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Alpha now also in 14m and 16m

The Alpha has gone down very well already! The feedback has been incredible. The lightwind foiling sessions, the lightweight and small pack size for travelling, and of course the performance. It works great with a twintip, foil and even holds its own in the waves. Due...

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Alex Wallis Loops

Alex is 14 and he loops harder than most adults ever will! After winning the British Junior Freestyle title this year, he has spent his autumn riding storms at his home spot, Westward Ho!. This kid is getting some serious height and has no fear when it comes to...

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Ozone Alpha V1 – A winner for any quiver

The Alpha V1 is a unique single strut design that has redefined our expectations of inflatable kites. It is simple, incredibly lightweight - starting at just 1300 grams and is very effective in a variety of conditions for any style of board riding. It excels as a...

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Never Lose your Inner Child

Kitesurfing helps us maintain an element of childishness. Life is too short, too tough, to always take everything seriously. Certain qualities that you had as a kid can make adult life more fun. Get out there and enjoy life! We have made a whole range of products to...

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Oli Sweeney wins King of the Exe

With storm Callum battering the UK, Edge Watersports gave the green light for the first King of the Exe competition! This is a big air competition following the same format as the popular Red Bull King of the Air which happens in Cape Town. The UK's top riders all...

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