IKSURFMAG Review the Hyperlink V2

IKSURFMAG Review the Hyperlink V2

IKSURFMAG have just published their latest issue and in it there is a review of the new Hyperlink V2. The kite receives great feedback thanks to the ease of use and how comfortable riders feel on the Hyperlink.

Here is what they had to say:

If you’ve never flown one of these kites we really recommend it, its an engaging experience that will ignite the passion in riders who have perhaps tried a foil kite and been scared off by all the bridles and the arguably different flying characteristics. The Hyperlink V2 makes a compelling choice for freeriders and foilers looking for incredible power and range coupled with ease of use. In terms of low end, there isn’t an LEI that can hold a candle to this kite, and yet it handles and feels like an LEI in the hands. Its a compelling piece of equipment!

Read the full IKSURFMAG review of the Ozone Hyperlink V2.

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