18/19 Ozone Dedicated Snowkite Range

Snowkiting has always been at the core of Ozone – we all love spending time in the mountains and make the effort to snowkite every season. We offer a comprehensive range of dedicated snowkites, designed to cover all aspects of snowkiting. As well as our snowkite specific models, we have crossover models in our closed cell foil kites the Hyperlink V1, Chrono V3 and R1 V2.

Our dedicated snowkite range for 18/19

Access V7 – Entry Level to Intermediate Freeride

Explore V1 – Single Skin ease of use and back country.

Subzero V1 – Dedicated Snowkite Performance. Also available in Ultralight materials.

Dedicated snowkite harnesses

Ozone Connect Backcountry Harness – Lightweight snowkite harness

Ozone Connect Pro Harness – Snowkite harness with spreader bar

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