Ozone Global Demo Tour Round Up

Last week the Ozone Global Demo Tour hit the UK and it looks like we may have ended months of North Easterlies. Hopefully anyway! The tour started in Poole with our friends at Poseidon Kite School. There was a steady breeze perfect for big kites and twin tips or medium kites and foils. It was windiest early afternoon and Patrick Blanc and Oli Sweeney were on the water. Everyone was stoked for the first after work session in a while! The breeze died off as the sun got low, so we packed up and headed to town for pizzas and beers.

Next day we headed to Hayling Island to meet up with Chris Bull of CBK Hayling Island. The forecast was weak, but Hayling can generally deliver a sea breeze. A steady 10 knots or so – it was a definite foil day down here. The Hyperlink was the kite everyone wanted to try. Perfect for light wind foiling!

Finally it was off to Kent for Camber Kite Week hosted by Camber Kitesurfing. Without doubt the most likely place in the country to get a sea breeze! It was an easterly forecast though so we made the call to relocate to Greatstone. The tide was miles out initially, but it soon came rushing in. Zephyrs and large Edges were in demand. Chronos and Hyperlinks too. At high tide you could foil too. After a day off it was back to Camber Sands for two more days of demos! Luckily this time the classic Camber sea breeze turned up and plenty of people got on the water.

Thanks to everyone who joined us on the beach and thanks to Patrick and Mario who have been driving round Europe for the last month running the tour!

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